December 18, 2023

Longford is very proud to announce the winner of the 2023 MacGyver Award is Alex Van Reydt of Longford Europe.

Alex has travelled extensively in 2023 visiting 22 countries all over Europe, the UK and elsewhere. Alex has installed and refurbished numerous machines and systems literally all over the map.

Congratulations Alex on a significant achievement


December 9, 2022
Wellen, Belgium

The 2022 MacGyver Award for the Longford service engineer of the year goes to Mr. Terry Burns ( on the right, in the photo ). Terry Burns is presented with the MacGyver award by Mr Steve Watkins of Longford, on the left in the photo ). They celebrated his special award at the Longford Europe Christmas Party in Wellen, Belgium.

As Mr. Burns is retiring in 2023 he reflected on many exciting and interesting projects with Longford that had him travel all over the world. We congratulate Mr. Terry Burns on his exemplary service to the company over several decades and wish him the best in his retirement.


November 3, 2022
UK Greetings
- Bradford, UK

Tim Nixon, Manufacturing Manager UK Greetings. We are delighted with the purchase of 10 Longford high speed batch counters, they meet our production requirements and are a huge improvement on our old, outdated equipment. We would have no hesitation in recommending Longford.

From left to right:
Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager Longford Europe, Mark Preston Trades Person UK Greetings, Tim Nixon Manufacturing Manager UK Greetings.


September 12, 2022
International Cards and Gifts - Dorset, United Kingdom

LONGFORD has just installed a turn key custom collator, batch counter and packaging system for greeting cards and envelopes.

From left to right:
Ian Wagstaff, International Cards & Gifts Ltd. 
Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager Longford Europe NV

Ian Wagstaff
“I have worked with Longford for many years and we are absolutely delighted with the new line. 
The service we receive from Graham & Terry is second to none” 


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Nain Sin is the proud recipient of the MACGYVER AWARD for 2021.

His remarkable feat was accomplished with an incredible 192 days on the road in 2021, in over 10 countries including Poland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, USA and many others.

Nain installed over 10 machines and serviced over 12 helped train over 40 operators.

The votes were unanimous in his favour.

The MacGyver selection committee voted unanimously in his favor.

Congratulations Nain Sin Yi.


In March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, many packaging manufacturers had to quickly gear up both capacity and capability. Below are three examples of LONGFORD’s unique ability to design and manufacture custom solutions for COVID-19 test kits and COVID-19 pharmaceutical packaging literature for test kits.

In March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, many packaging manufacturers had to quickly gear up both capacity and capability. Below are three examples of LONGFORD’s unique ability to design and manufacture custom solutions for COVID-19 test kits and COVID-19 pharmaceutical packaging literature for test kits.


A large diagnostic company needed several custom feeders and autoloaders to feed, count and stack pharmaceutical diagnostic tests for COVID-19 test kits. Longford was able to design and built a total of ten different C350/AL350 feeders and autoloaders for the clients.




Many of the COVID-19 test kits and auxiliary components need to be transferred from manufacturing plants to retail pharmacies and/ or hospitals. Longford provided multiple desiccant absorption feeding machines named as the SF375 to feed desiccants from roll format into the infeed of horizontal flow packing machines.




Along with several test kit items, the COVID-19 test kits need to be in multiple languages for the European market along with diagrams and instructional pamphlets. For one large pharma leaflet and packaging company, Longford developed a complete turnkey PIGGYBACK / PIGGYBANDER packaging line. This line can collate, glue together and then band multiple language inserts and instructional leaflets for many different medicines including COVID-19 test kits.



Longford announces that it is a supplier to LumiraDx UK, for a custom feeding and counting systems to help make test kits for the global fight against
COVID- 19. LumiraDx is a specialized diagnostics company and have its main manufacturing and research and development facilities in  Stirling, Scotland.  

Having installed one custom Longford system in 2018, additional systems have now been ordered.  

Commented Graham Collisson of Longford...

"We are pleased yet humbled to play a very modest role in helping LumiraDx in their endeavour to beat this horrific illness. The kits they make will help tremendously in this cause."


Alistair McDonald of Lumerix Scotland in front of
Longford B350 feeders and autoloaders

Friday, November 20, 2020, Longford Europe NV, Wellen, Belgium.

The winner of the 2020 coveted “ MacGyver Award “ is Terry Burns of Longford Europe NV. The Longford MacGyver Award is presented annually to the Longford Service engineer who best demonstrates the technical skill, tenacity, work ethic and innovative thinking needed to solve installation issues, in the field, often under difficult circumstances.

In 2020, Mr Terry Burns traveled extensively all over the EU, UK and Ireland for Longford, installing and repairing countless Longford feeding and automation systems. Mr. Burns did this, all while following strict safety and sanitation protocols needed in each jurisdiction.


Tuesday, November 17, 2020, Bristol, United Kingdom

Longford have recently been working in collaboration with Kliklok International Ltd (A Syntegon Company) in supplying a C350 leaflet feeder to integrate to a complete packaging line solution for a major baby powder food producer in Germany. Robert Kiely - Managing Director of Kliklok International Ltd. said “We were tasked to provide a complete line solution including conveyors, cascade loaders, MEC automatic carton machine, spoon feeder, case packer and leaflet feeder. The leaflet feeder was outside of our portfolio so we heavily rely on good quality manufactures to work with”. Alexis Rudrum – Project Manager said, “Working with Longford in delivering this line with the integrated leaflet feeder was effortless and we look forward to working with the Longford team in the future”  Left to right, Alexis Rudram, Project Manager Kliklok Int, Robert Kiely, MD Kliklok Int, Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager Longford Europe.


November 27, 2020
Temple Packaging of Nani Daman, India invests in a
Longford High Speed Tipping System

Longford in conjunction with Novel Automation, the Longford Agent for India, are pleased to announce the installation of a Tipping Feeder to Temple Packaging, India.  Mr. Pranav Joshi of Temple Packaging
‘We are delighted to have finally received and installed the Longford Tipping Feeder.  As a major supplier of cartons to the Indian market we are excited to now offer our customers the opportunity to have leaflets & booklets glued within the carton.
"The installation process was seamless and professional’. 


Left : Mr. Rishi, Operations Manager, Temple Packaging

Centre : Mr. Jignesh Panchal, Plant Head. Temple Packaging

Right: Mr. Pankaj, Head of Maintenance, Temple Packaging  

In background of photo Longford C350 High Speed feeder with AL350 auto loader

Interpack Processing & Packaging
May 4-10, 2023
Düsseldorf, Germany
Hall 13 E94


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Longford displays full range of custom feeders and systems at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023

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